Internet Security Alert- Secure Your Internet Front Door May 2014




Dear Internet Neighbour,

In the press there are serious alerts to warn every householder of the vulnerabilities of their internet activity.

The Internet’s latest advice to thwart unwanted access to your passwords is for you to change them.

However, changing passwords on a device, after you have been ‘hacked’ might be observed by a’ keystroke watcher’. This would allow ‘Unwanted Access’ to continue while you would falsely be assured that your new password is safe.

It is also mentioned that 80% or more of all routers in the UK still use the factory default admin username and password. This means, any malicious intruder has an 80% chance of doing anything to your routers service, as and when it wants, especially slowing your download speed as it utilises your broadband data allowance.

Apromptpc, has researched a reliable and secure ‘procedure’ to secure your home or business router, when changing administration details.


To ‘Secure Your Internet Front Door’

Tel or email  Peter to arrange a call out.

01829 270819 Email


For those living in a Netlocal Neighbourhood this service charge is £50. However, if you are already an Aprompt Maintenance client, your charge for this service is reduced to £25.


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