Holt Email-- Exclusive.

Only residents and those who work in Holt, N. Wales can apply for a Holtlocal email service.


It is likely you can acquire a more personalised email address from Holtlocal, ie. someone@holtlocal.co.uk rather than an email such as, someone136@bigdomain.co.uk.

Holtlocal's mail service.

- is backed up each week.

- Runs on a Linux Ubuntu operating system from a European Data


- is accessable from anywhere on the globe using 'Horde webmail, ie.


- Built in Spam Assassin, Blacklist and Whitelist  controls.

- Local Telephone support and local call outs.

 To apply please send an email, make a telephone call, or send a letter as follows:-

email to peter@apromptpc.co.uk

TelCall:- 270819

Letters:- 36 Quarry Hill, Farndon, Chester CH3 6NR

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